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Toronto City jobs

Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario, has a total population of 2,791,140. The metropolis is an important industrial center thanks in particular to the automotive industry which developed in the suburbs of Oshawa, to become, over the years, the temple of banking, financial and commercial services of Canada.

In addition to its economic importance, the city has focused on medical and scientific research to house numerous institutions such as Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), hospital sick children, etc. It has built a strong reputation as the intellectual and cultural capital of Canada's English-speaking population by locking up numerous publishing houses, television and radio stations, and organizing literary and musical festivals that have become a must in the country.

The city places great emphasis on education and education, and has a number of higher education institutes such as the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, among other universities and colleges .

Toronto also has a number of tourist attractions, and many visitors are staying to admire its historic sites and monuments, starting with one of the oldest neighborhoods, the village of Yorkville, dating from 1830, Osgoode Hall, CN Tower, St. Michael's Cathedral, as well as the museums, aquarium, theater halls, parks and botanical gardens that abound in Toronto.

In short, Toronto is an important metropolis that has mastered the cultural, economic and social aspects and is characterized by its dynamism and intense activity, attracting more and more businesses and industries in the region. A promising future for job creation.

Toronto Labor Market

The City of Toronto has a population of 2,791,140, ​​or 21% of the population of the Province of Ontario. And the majority of this city are Anglophones whereas Francophones represent only a tenth of the inhabitants.

Toronto's labor force is 1,344,825, while unemployment concerns 7.5% of the working-age population. While on the pay side the city offers one of the highest incomes in the province or even the country with an average income of $ 43,713. An income that proved very favorable to Francophone workers that Anglophones with respectively $ 47,628 and $ 44,219.
Some sectors are dominant in the local economy but also in the hiring of the workforce, in particular manufacturing which recruits 12% of the workers of the city, followed by professional, scientific and technical services Of trade with 11%, retail trade with 10%, health care and social assistance of 9% then finance and insurance with 8%.

The occupations that are best represented in the local labor market include: sales and service occupations with 23%, followed by occupations related to business, finance and administration with 19%. This demonstrates the city's current trend in employment.

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